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Welcome to Rogelio Ramos electronic portfolio




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My name is Rogelio Ramos.  I was born and raised in the Rio Grande valley and graduated from the University of Texas Pan American with a BA in Economics.  I went through the UTPA ACP program and received my certification in Bilingual education, Generalist 4th- 8th grade.   I completed the courses at UT Brownsville and became certified as a Master Technology Teacher.   I plan on continuing my education to obtain my Masters degree of Education in Educational Technology and hope to complete my degree by December 2011.  I joined the MTT Program, because I have always had an interest in using technology. The MTT program offered classes that gave me the knowledge I needed to take my interest to a higher level while allowing me to apply this knowledge in my classroom.  Technology integration is important because it enhances student’s 21st century skills of researching, collaborating, designing and creating.  The students of today are born into technology making it even more important that the teachers and the classrooms are equipped to accommodate this new generation.  It is my desire to make this process easier by providing support to the teachers which will help them integrate technology into their lessons. 

About My ePortfolio 
This ePortfolio is designed to show the viewer the courses I have completed in the Master of Education in Educational Technology program at the University of Texas at Brownsville. The tabs above will allow you to navigate through the different components of my course work for my degree. The Matrix section will show you some of the work that was created using the knowledge learned in each course. The Courses Taken tab will show you the all the courses that I have taken through the semesters at UTB. Each course has hyper links to projects that were completed and an artifact report.

This ePortfolio contains reports, presentations and web-based multimedia projects. The following software is recommended for the best experience:
  • the most recent version of your Web Browser: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safair, etc. .
  • Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader

The best way to contact me is through my email address: rogelioramosjr@gmail.com
Last updated: 03/30/2014

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Mike Sullivan said

at 9:31 am on Sep 7, 2010

Nice picture of you, Roy!

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